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Delemite Liquid Amitraz has been specifically formulated to be used for treatment of parasitic infections in dogs and cattle. It contains amitraz, proven for anti-parasitic effects with high safety margins for animals. Delemite is a topical medicine which is used by applying on body after diluting with water as per prescribed dilution rates.

  • For treatment and prevention of mange and ectoparasitic infestation
  • Ideal for treatment of demodectic mange
  • Good insecticidal property
  • Water soluble
Dosage & Administration:

Clip the hair of animal closely. Bathe the animal with water.  Add following volume of Delemite in 1 litre water :
Dogs : 2 ml for ticks, 3 to 4 ml for Mites (Mange), Lice and Keds
Apply the solution on the affected areas and all over the body, except eyes and around face liberally with scrubbing.


15 ml


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