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Human Biscuits should not be given to dogs!
They contain high saturated fat (vanaspati) which act as grease for dogs and therefore not easily digested by them. In the long run and in high doses, it causes vomition, diarrhoea and abdominal pain to begin with.
Chocolates are harmful for dogs!
Theobromine, an alkaloid found in chocolate is poisonous for dog in the long run as it can not be metabolized by them. The toxicity symptoms shown in dogs are vomiting, diarrhoea, hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, abnormal heart rhythms and death in severe cases.
So switch over to healthy treats for your family member today.
Merapet® keeps extra care in manufacturing biscuits for dogs. Snacks from Merapet® are free from saturated fats and theobromine.

A low calorie treats

Merapet® treat is crunchy with great taste that helps clean teeth and gums. It contains all natural premium ingredients e.g; milk powder, malt, hydrolysed protein, essential vitamins and minerals enriched with calcium for great taste and health of your pet. It is easily digestible. It does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or fillers injurious for pet's health.


Protein : Min. 10 %
Lipid : Min. 10 %
Crude Fibre : Max. 5 %
Sodium : Max. 1.4 %
Calcium : Min. 1.2 %
Phosphorus : Min. 0.8 %
When / Why Used :
  • Anytime snack for pets
  • Rewards anytime and during training
  • Helps clean teeth and gums
Presentation :

500 g & 1 kg
Bone shaped biscuits with shell calcium


Protein : Min. 10 %
Lipid : Min. 10 %
Crude Fibre : Max. 2 %
Calcium : 1 %
Phosphorus : 0.60 %
Energy : 3150 Kcal./kg

When / Why Used :
  • Rewards anytime and or during training
Presentation :

400 g pack
PROCOFUR® Chew Treats
Premium Chew treat made from hygienically processed hides

When / Why Used :
  • Dog eating unedibles
  • Dog refusing to co-operate for tooth brushing
  • Dog getting less of non-veg flesh with bones
  • Getting Bored

Bones : Small, Medium, Large, Extra large sizes
White Twisted Chews :Packs of 6's/8's/10's
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